Water Meters

Fluid Meter Service Corporation offers ways for you to save money and time by supplying you with a one-stop shop for brand new water meters. If you are looking for a positive displacement, turbine, compound, mag, or propeller meter, we can assist you! We offer new water meters from top brand manufacturers, such as:

We also accept water meters from all across the country for repair, calibration, or service them so they're in good, working order once again. If you are interested in sending in your city, municipality, or school's water meters, please feel free to contact us.

Water Meter Branded Products and Accessories

  • McCrometer®/Water Specialties® Propeller Meters
  • Cambridge Brass® – Curbs, Corps, and Meter Horns
  • Thermastor® Energy-Efficient Dehumidifiers
  • AMR reading equipment and software
  • Meter Flanges & Gaskets
  • Meter Couplings
  • Remote Meter Wire
  • Sealing Wires and Seals
  • Meter Cold Weather Accessories
  • Meter Parts

We offer affordable water meters from popular brands in the industry. To get a price estimate, please contact us and someone will be in touch with you soon!

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