Water Meter Calibration

Water meter calibration is a fairly simple service, depending on the nature of the tools, process and instrumentation required. Professional calibration services from Fluid Meter Service Corporation depend on our own calibration instrumentation and knowledge of calculations as permitted by a certifying, licensed compliance bureau which insures the precision of all equipment and instrumentation. Professional instrumentation utilized by our water meter calibration services is also looked at for accuracy under regulated conditions so that it meets with compliance bureau regulations.

Our professional water meter calibration services in greater Austin and nationwide examine equipment or instrumentation, insuring it is in operable condition and after that move forward with testing that results in compliant ranges of operation. A simple report, depending on the complexity of the instrumentation or equipment involved, is issued for the customer's review. If there are any issues, our fluid meter specialists will talk about problems or potential for future inaccuracies. We can also recommend water meter repair if it is needed.

Professional Water Meter Calibration Services

Cities, municipalities, and school districts all over the nation understand the incredible importance of taking care of their own water metering systems. Water, electricity, and natural gas meters ought to be inspected and calibrated at least one time every 2 to 3 years. FMS often has water meters sent in from across the country for water meter repairs and water meter calibration services. If you are interested in these services, please do not hesitate to contact us now!

Water Meter Brands We Service

  • Elster AMCO® Meters
  • Badger® Meters
  • Rockwell®/Sensus® Meters
  • Neptune® Meters
  • McCrometer® Meters
  • Master® Meters
  • Hersey®/Sparling® Meters
  • Water Specialties® Meters
  • And many more!

Please feel free to contact us for more information about water meter calibration or to find out how you can buy new water meters from us.

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