Water Meter Repair

We provide exceptional water meter repairs which will have your meter operating with accuracy once again. Typically, water meters will require repair once we spot an issue with our water meter testing. Sometimes, simple water meter calibration is all that is needed to remedy the problem, and other times an actual repair will be necessary.

Water Meter Leaks in Austin, TX and Nationwide

Water meter leaks don't just waste valuable water, but if left untreated, they could cause you to have very high water and sewer bills each month.There are a few simple steps you can perform on your own to determine if your meter is leaking and in need of water meter repair.

Step 1: Turn off all appliances in your home which may be using water. So, this means that you need to turn off the shower, sink, washing machine, etc. Also, be sure that you turn off your lawn's sprinkler system if you have one.

Step 2: Watch the water meter itself. The water meter may even have a triangular red or silver and black round disc which is often referred to as a “leak indicator.” If the leak indicator is spinning, then there's a leak. If there is no indicator and the actual water meter dial hand is moving, water is still moving somewhere. The rate by which the dial or indicator are spinning may let you know just how big the leak is. A slow moving dial could indicate a slow leak, a faster moving dial could possibly indicate a large leak.

Step 3: If your leak indicator or water meter dial are spinning, you may turn the water control valve off and contact our water meter repair company at 512-646-3022 to talk with one of our fluid meter repair guys or to schedule an appointment.

Don't disregard this water meter problem!

Water Meter Repairs and Your City

We want all of our clients to understand that you are responsible for any water meter repairs to any part of the water system from the meter to your home or business. The city will tell you that you need to have a water meter problem fixed on your own if it falls within this range of space. If you find a leak, contact us immediately to help minimize water loss.

Our water meter company offers water meter repairs for leaks and for any malfunctioning of the meter itself or any problems with its parts.

Sometimes, but not always, your city will refund your money for the repair or take it off your next utilities bill. It's wise to save a copy of the receipt you are given from our water meter repair company just in case.

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