Water Meter Testing

Fluid Meter Service Corporation provides water meter testing by weight, volumetric, and comparison. We only provide our clients with certified test results in accordance with AWWA /NIST standards. All of our water meter testing can be performed quickly and at an affordable price.

After the water meter test results are returned, we can offer you the proper water meter repair services necessary to correct any deficiencies your meter may be experiencing. Water meters should have regular water meter calibration services performed on a routine basis to ensure that the unit is functioning at its best. Water meter calibration is a unit which offers valuable information on the accuracy of the quantity of water being supplied.

Maintaining Your Water Meter With Testing and Calibration

Due to the mechanical nature of a water meter, the accuracy of the unit will decrease as time goes on.

Fluid Meter Service Corporation is focused on keeping Austin, and all over the country, water meters functioning as accurately as is possible. Water meter testing is the best solution for a fluid meter with a long life.

We can help protect your water meters in Austin, TXby:

  • Testing both large and small meters
  • Working for you as a reliable, accurate water meter testing service
  • Offering water meter calibration to ensure accuracy
  • Conducting statistical analysis of water meter accuracy to determine how well your water meter is running

Please contact us for more information about water meter testing or to learn more about how to buy a water meter, backflow preventer, or water control valve.

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